Kleenex® Brand Sustainability Efforts

Learn about our efforts to conserve valuable resources.

Only companies that build sustainability into the way they do business will have enduring success. Our business relies on natural resources such as wood fiber, energy and water. It is clearly in our best interest to design products and manufacturing processes that conserve these resources and secure their availability for the future.

Learn more about our sustainability efforts at www.kimberly-clark.com.

Below are some of the FAQs

  • What types of trees are used to manufacture Kleenex® Facial Tissue?
  • Can Kleenex® Facial Tissue boxes be recycled?
  • Where do we get our pulp?
  • Is Kleenex® Facial Tissue biodegradable?
  • Does Kimberly-Clark have sustainability standards?
  • Is conservation a priority for Kimberly-Clark?
  • Are any responsible forestry practices in place?
  • Why are Kleenex® Brand Hand Towels necessary? Aren't my cloth towels acceptable?
  • Can I recycle the Kleenex® Brand Products packages?