About Kleenex® Brand

Learn the history of the facial tissues that have
brought you comfort for so many years.

Brand Story

From its beginnings in 1924, Kleenex® Brand has grown into a global icon. Now a staple in homes across 150 countries, the success of our products has been based on helping people fulfill their needs for comfort, softness and cleanliness withhigh-quality and gentle products.

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What began as an alternative to the cold-cream towel has been innovated through the years to offer exceptional softness, eye-catching package designs and extra benefits like the Kleenex® Anti-Viral* Tissues' ability to kill viruses in the tissue. Plus, we've carried the Kleenex® Brand promise into new categories where we can help even more families. Learn how it all began.

*Kills 99.9% of cold and flu viruses in the tissue within 15 minutes. Virucidal against Rhinoviruses Type 1A and 2; Influenza A and B; and Respiratory Syncytial Virus; in the tissue within 15 minutes.


Explore this interactive timeline to see how America's favorite facial tissue has innovated and evolved through the years.


Kleenex® Brand and Kimberly-Clark are committed to sustainable manufacturing practices that conserve valuable natural resources for the future.